Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prince Charles Branded A "Snake Oil Salesman"

The British Prince who resembles a cartoon elephant has been labelled a "snake oil salesman" by Britain's leading alternative medicine researcher, Professor Edzard Ernst. The Scientist has slammed the heir to the throne for his support of homoeopathy and the Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture - a food supplement that combines artichoke and dandelion, promising to rid the body of toxins and help digestion.

Despite scientific research always showing a complete lack of benefit from such treatments, "new age" morons such as this hereditary socialite continue to use and promote their use. And as baffling and unfortunate as it is, the likes of Prince Charles are actually authority figures whose word is taken seriously by many members of the public.

Perhaps if such figures did not promote these bogus remedies then we would not have to hear tragic stories of people dying due to avoiding mainstream medicine, such as the case of Penelope Dingle, who lost her battle against bowel cancer after opting for homeopathy over surgery and chemo-and radiotherapy.

I for one would love to see Charles become the next King as soon as possible. Why? Because as soon as the man with ears of aerodynamic power usurps the throne, countries such as Australia who are still tied to the Commonwealth will be more keen than ever to leave behind a theocratic and utterly redundant institution.