Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please Adopt Me!

The Catlick turd Bill Donohue never fails to make me laugh. The President of the Catholic League (the same man who has linked homosexuality to paedophilia) has launched the "Adopt An Atheist" campaign, which encourages believers to get in contact with atheists so they can help them "uncover their inner self". The Catholic League website also provides contact details for various leadings atheists.

It really is difficult to decipher just what the goal is here, but it seems very clear now that Donohue did not know what he was up against. Atheists have taken to the campaign with glee, gladly offering up their soulless selves for adoption. The response has been so overwhelming that the Catholic League has even had to take down their "Contact Us" page from their website.

Just like the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses who knock on our doors, the Catholics who wish to "adopt" us are more than welcome to engage us. But just like those door-knockers who come in for a friendly chat, the Catholics are likely to see their new adopted atheist as the problem child who starts fires and smears shit on the walls.