Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catholic Church "Child Protection Chief" Caught With Over 4,000 Child Porn Pictures

Just as I thought the Catholic Church might be cleaning up its act, I read this story. Following countless amounts of sex scandals within the church, 49-year-old Christopher Jarvis was employed to stop pederasts from gaining access to children within congregations (or more accurately, I suspect, to repair the church's reputation).

But the man whose job it was to protect children has himself been found to be supporting an industry of sexual enslavement. Jarvis was found with over 4,000 child pornography images on his home computer and work laptop. He has since been removed from his position by the Diocese of Plymouth and charged by police.

How can the church ever hope to combat the scourge of child molestation when the very people supposedly fighting the battle are themselves supporters of abusing children? Perhaps it is about time that the church acknowledged the link between celibacy and pederasty and abandon the sickening requirement.