Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fred Nile Compares Ethics Classes to Nazism and Communism

He may have failed in his bid to have ethics classes scrapped from New South Wales public schools, but this has not stopped Fred Nile from launching a laughable and utterly ridiculous attack on the course. Although the government has vowed to support the classes, debate has taken place in parliament due to a private member's bill introduced by Nile in May. Debate has now been adjourned until September.

Nile has said the course "does not teach children right from wrong but promotes the secular, humanist relativist philosophy" and that it "is the philosophy that we saw during World War Two with the Nazis and the communists".

As I have previously mentioned, ethics classes have students apply critical thinking to debatable issues in order for them to arrive at their own conclusions. Just how much critical thinking does Nile think students were able to exercise in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union? Or perhaps Nile thinks NSW students are being brainwashed about conspiratorial international Jewry and the evils of Kulaks?

The absurdity of Nile's comments are clear, but also should not be surprising considering he also believes homosexuality is a "lifestyle choice". Nile should recognise that the education systems of the Nazis and the Soviets actually provides argument to why ethics classes are important.

Totalitarian systems always give its people a black and white view about morality. Whatever the state says is right, is right, and vice versa. This is entrenched in the education system, and the students are to accept a particular moral code and are not to consider it for themselves. This, also, is a model that Nile wants adopted.

Nile is nothing more than a Christian fascist and I truly pity the people of NSW for having to put up with his pious and obnoxious behaviour for so long. If anything were to be morally absolute, it would be the swift removal of Nile from the NSW parliament.